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Revolutionizing Job Searches: No Resumes, No Biases, Just Interviews

Confronting the AI Challenge: Humanizing Recruitment and Hiring

Inclusive Network: Fair, Human-Centered Hiring

Aligning with diversity-focused employers, we dismantle AI and human bias in hiring systems. With Inclusive Network, bypass algorithmic roadblocks, straight to a fair interview.

#1. Interview

Schedule your opening interview with our team or record a quick interview with preset questions. We’ll cut your interview into a condensed package that showcases your value to employers.

#2. Review/Approve

Review your edited opening interview until you’re comfortable and confident! Re-record as many times as you like and choose who can see your interview. 

#3. 2nd Interviews

Publish your opening interview! Sit back and wait for second interview requests to flood in – we’ll contact companies and share your interview for you.

For Everyone, With Love from Inclusive Network

By focusing our efforts on restoring the human element to what should be a deeply human experience – hiring – we're reshaping the world of work. Join us on our mission, as we foster a new era of recruitment where every voice has a chance to be heard, every talent has an opportunity to shine, and everyone is included.

Whether you belong to a marginalized class or not, if you’ve ever felt overlooked, underestimated, or excluded, our platform is designed with you in mind. We firmly believe that every individual deserves a fair and unbiased opportunity in the job market.

Defending All Candidates from AI Recruiting Bias

Our mission is to foster a recruitment platform that consciously mitigates AI-driven biases affecting all job-seekers. Discover why this endeavor is crucial:



On average, 75% of resumes never get past the intitial screen - to include the ATS


Most Forutne 500 companies use an applicant tracking system and their now developing wider recruiting use cases by leveraging ChatGPT



Today the average resume that gets beyond the AI algorithms receives 7.4 seconds of attention; this human gatekeeper is now getting replaced by secondary AI algroithms


One corporate survey found that 70% of employers are using AI enabled tools to scan candidate's social media profiles as a mechanism for applicant rejection

For Everyone, With Love from Inclusive Network

At Inclusive Network, we believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to shine, regardless of their background or identity.