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You'll never get rejected by resume filtering software here because the Inclusive Network doesn't use resumes

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  • This 65s short-form video serves as your introduction to employers
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  • Your Lead-In is surfaced to the right companies in the right way
  • Companies receive your Lead-In via our Webex and Zoom integrations
  • You'll get noticed because companies will see you on the tools they use for interviewing
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Interviews are Scheduled

  • Companies will contact you directly to schedule interviews
  • You can control which types of companies can access your Lead-In
  • This process removes all of the machine bias found in resume filtering software
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Resume Filtering Bias

Inclusive Network Puts You in Control

The inclusive network belongs to the candidates first. Employers are granted access only after committing to processes that reduce bias and improve diversity and inclusion

You’re in the Driver’s Seat

You're Not Alone

99% of Fortune 500 companies use an appplicant tracking system to screen out, on average, 75% of all applicants and the criterea used for rejection is usually hidden or part of a black-box algorithm

Out with the Old & In with the New

The Inclusive Network is a Fair Process

The hiring model is broken. 80% of interviews end with no job offer and it's the machine and human bias getting in the way. The Inclusive Network solves the recruiting paradox around efficiency and fairness

Making Hiring Fair

You'll Get More Interviews

The Inclusive Network is a cooperative approach to candidate selection. You'll get more interviews because we share your Lead-In with employers on the tools they already use for interviewing

It’s the Future Don’t be Left Behind

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

75% of applicants are rejected by software and 94% of companies acknowledge they reject qualified candidates; our process reduces both machine and human bias

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About the Inclusive Network

We use the blockchain to provide a distributed approach to candidate screening and selection

Earn Inclusive Network Tokens (INT)

The Inclusive Network provides an ERC20 utility token as a reward for creating your Lead-In. The token is minted on the Avalanche blockchain and has a fixed supply. You don't need to connect a blockchain wallet to join the Network.

We're Here to Answer Questions

Please download our whitepaper to better understand the problem we're solving and why a distributed approach to candidate screening is the right answer. We're always open to comments, questions, and always love hearing from people about their best sunny Seattle Washington stories. You can hit us up on our Discord server or Twitter for quick responses.

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A Live Stream Interview

Lead-in Interview is a live interview with one candidate and an Inclusive Network team member. It is live streamed on YouTube. Many candidates have been found and hired by awesome companies after participation.

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